– Building an innovating platform – Building an innovating platform

The founders of contacted us with the request to built flexible, adaptive, easy to scale and easy to use platform for job and service posting. At that moment the idea was innovative for the Bulgarian market and the whole project was looking very promising. We did not hesitate to step in.

What we actually did:

We have built software where at same time it combines all processes and allows flexibility and fast changes.

On the other hand, the awesome design is from EYAS.

In such kind of projects, the client management system (CMS) is essential for the team so they will be able to manage the day to day work without an IT. We have built the platform to be easy to manage, to contain every necessary function and so the team can easily communicate with each other.

Another important process for such kind of WEB applications is the  registration. It is essential the registration of the users to be effortless, so except the usual way of making profile we have implemented two social logins to be even faster – Google and Facebook.

Our experience in the business systems and similar projects allowed us to automate some main processes which, on the other hand, saves time, effort and money. At we automated the process of subscription management which is directly connected with the module “Payments”.  With this module, we wanted it to be secure, simple and to give different options of payment. Tracking transactions and getting insightful information is also fast and simple.

The team wanted us to build referral system that will boost the new registrations. It is an automatic process which allows to users to refer the website to a friend, as a bonus both users receive some premium services for free.

The essence of the platform are the postings. That is why making the options for publishing an add was one of the crucial components to build. The main goal was to be user friendly. Just with a few steps a person can make the perfect post to present their business, service or product.

If you haven’t tried the platform, we recommend you to give it a go! If you have a custom software project to develop you are welcome to get in touch with us and discuss the details.