Improve project profitability and increase customer satisfaction


Coriti makes your internal processes more visible and easy to manage.

Improve project profitability

Have everything under control. Deliver on time and increase efficiency between workforce.

Increase customer satisfaction

Have full information about your customers at one place. Deliver quality and valuable service on time.

Get informed decisions

Find the bottleneck in your business process and know where you have an edge.

Project Management

Just one glance is enough to be informed. It is easy to manage and prioritize your tasks, thanks to interactive Gantt charts with drag and drop control.

Information management

Task automation, on time notifications and insightful reports enhance internal collaboration and help you to deliver quality service.

Process Automation

Automate all the simple tasks and focus your time on what is really important for the company.

Financial Management

Increase visibility in your financial processes.

Sales management

Manage your sales team better, eliminate human error factor, give them the tools to be more efficient.

Marketing Automation

Automate routine tasks and focus your efforts and time on what is really important. Create more valuable marketing campaigns and generate more leads.

Leads and customer tracking

Improve conversion rates, create steps and be sure everyone will follow the process.

Documentation Management

Store and share easily with your team.


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