Garitage Sport Center

Garitage Sport Center

How a modern sport centre takes advantage of the latest technologies with Coriti?

Garitage park is one of the most modern business and living projects in Sofia. The complex includes a big sports centre with fitness, pool and spa zone, a few halls for group training, a protein bar, and changing rooms. Everything that a modern person needs in one place.

All this needs to be managed conveniently, smartly and effortless.

The project

The management of the sports centre wanted to have an integrated modern system to complete the whole idea of the complex. Garitage Sport Center needed an access control system with different levels of access and various zones. What we did was to divide the sport centre into areas and connect them to one system which is automatically managed according to the subscriptions of the clients. It sounds easy but behind all this, there is a complex integration between different software and hardware devices. Due to all this automation, the need for manual work is at minimum.

We also built a user-friendly website with all the information that customer may need. Furthermore, we have implemented the option to book a class online. Every customer can see the schedule and make the booking with two clicks. This option became very useful due to the epidemic restrictions.

For a business to work properly, it needs all the information about its clients and activities in one place. Hereof, we have built a personalized ERP and CRM system where they can manage all the information in a highly secure place. Here are some specific functions that we have implemented:

  • Module for creating and managing cards/subscriptions - subscriptions are crucial and we provided a system that enables the management to create countless product options by controlling visits, price, discounts, zones/classes cards can be used and more.
  • Access control – we have placed access control devices in every entrance and exit to the halls and changing rooms. This function allows the customers to freely navigate to zones they have access. When card is created based on the options in previous point the card number of the user is inserted into the system, so he will be able to access in particular areas of the centre. Then once the card is expired the automated system removes the access.
  • Sales and inventory – stock management is a must in such projects. In Coriti we think that when there is a way to put two systems in one why then bother with two? As we mentioned earlier, the Sports center has a protein bar and they are managing the stock and sales with this module. To make it easier for the financial department we have connected the system with the cash register.
  • Modul reports – managing different people and processes is hard when you do not have a good system for reports. We have built a personalized dashboard to be suitable and to give the required information.


The system is very intuitive and when it comes to training new people it goes smooth and fast.

In conclusion, we can affirm that this is a highly technological project. And we are proud to be part of it.