Case study: Buldent Ltd - Mobile Sales Team

Case study: Buldent Ltd - Mobile Sales Team

Are you happy with your sales team? Being a leader means, that you will always want more. However, if you were in their shoes and you had to achieve unreal plans, you would most probably see it differently. The right way is to demand more, but first things first, the working process should be smooth and easy, so that the sales person will be able to fully concentrate on the sales.

If the processes of the sales team are clumsy and highly time-consuming, it’s quite normal that the results would not live up to the expectations. We are here to present you a solution which will take you to a higher level

By the end of the article, you will have better understanding of our simplified and efficient processes for collecting orders.

We’ve built a module for mobile sales team and we’ve been developing it step by step. Now, we can say   that it’s really easy to use, flexible and fast.

Let us first focus on the creating routes function. The management has the opportunity to create routes for their sales team and they can for cycles of 1,2,3 or 4 weeks. They can delegate for each day which locations the sales team has to visit. This information is visible for the sales team and also, the data can be used for references. For example, checklist for all the places the merchant has visited.

Localization is another innovative feature that we developed. Whenever the sales team approaches a client, the address will pop up, so that they can easily select it.

Moreover, the client can be directed to a “checklist” page. This provides the management with the opportunity to collect information about their client. The idea is that the sales person can’t close the deal before filling this “checklist”. To illustrate, such kind of required data can be localization, a picture of the place, a “store-check” picture, a short questionnaire, more details for the client – an email address, etc. Once it is done, this process stops automatically and doesn’t ask again for the same data.


The next step is the collect the order from the client.  The products can be searched by the sales person in the following ways:

  1. Dividing by category - all goods are divided by category, so they can choose a specific one

Example: If the client wants to order a set of different toothbrushes, you can enter the category - “toothbrush”.

  1. Trademarks – all goods are divided into brands, so when the client wants to order from one particular brand, it is easier.
  2. Search engine –this tool allows searching by different product criteria. It’s mostly used with the code of the product.

Similarly, we can categorize different criteria depending on what the client wants. The options above are those that our client, Buldent, required.

Another interesting option that we can provide is the client portfolio. With this feature you can make a list of all goods ordered by a specific client.
The portfolio consists of a combined list of products the client orders on a regular basis and thus, the sales person finished the order with just one click.

Furthermore, we have built a place where the most popular products appear. The system displays the most ordered products for a given client and enables the sales agent to easily put them into the new order. We have a few reasons to say that this is one of the most loved options:

  • When you click on a product from this list, it is added to the new order
  • The sales person can see the usual orders and notices if a product is no longer ordered
  • The merchant notices if the client has missed ordering something and can remind him/her.
  • When sales agent is new to the region, this table gives them more information about the client’s orders without the need of opening reports.

In modern companies, one of the main techniques is using discounts and promotions. Yet, the sales team should be aware of these campaigns. For this reason, we are showing a small icon next to the product name so they can see if there are any. In the same way, they can see if there will be an expected delivery for a product, so they can make an order even if it is not in stock right now. The system is automatically creating “backorder” and when the product is in stock it will give notification for delivering the stock.

The last feature that we will present you in this article is the success dashboard. This is a place where sales team can see their goals for the month and what they have already achieved. This option prevents confusion or lack of information about what are the targets and how they are performing.

In conclusion, we can say that all these options are customized for this Buldent Ltd. If you have different processes, no worries. Contact us and we will do custom tailored solution for you as well.